Saturday, June 30, 2012

Super Saturday!

Saturday, July 30, 2012

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  I know I am.  Nice to have time to get stuff done around the house, catch up on some much needed sleep and go to events like "Ribfest' tonight as well as St. Clair tomorrow to watch the final game to decide the winner of the Euro soccer. Much anticipation.  Italy vs. Spain.  Wow!  Two great powerhouse teams. Of course I want Italy to win.  Not only do they have a great team but it's my hubby's heritage.  I just hope I don't get crushed in the crowd.  Wish me luck!

I think he's already celebrating!

There's a lot going on in the city this weekend.  I would love to fit time for the Chin picnic and the Toronto jazz festival but we'll have to see.

All summer there are great events going on.  Hubby and I track them and go to as many as possible.  So between events around the city, garage sale hunting, entering every contest I can, backyard BBQ's, work, etc., I'll be busy.

Previous Dinner in the Falls

So have a fun-filled weekend everyone.  Summer goes by too quickly...


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mid-week Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Well it's mid-week Wednesday and I'm trying to be "accountable".

I am angry this morning for something I've been following on the news.  The Elliot Lake fiasco.  Why fiasco?  The roof of a mall in Elliot Lake collapsed 4 days ago trapping shoppers.  Cars that were parked on the roof of the mall came hurtling down along with the structure.  A lot of shoppers were trapped and 3 days ago the "so-called" search and rescue team heard tapping sounds from under the debris.  Did they go to investigate?  No.  Unfortunately they weren't able to get to that person because the search was called off.  Apparently, because it was too dangerous for the workers to continue.  Oh boo hoo.  Shame on you!

Did I miss something?  I thought these men and women who join these teams know the danger involved and that's what they signed up for.  It took the premier of Ontario to step in and order the the team back to work and do what they were supposed to.  How can you walk away from something like that knowing full well that there is at least 1 survivor?  How can you sleep at night or look at yourself in the mirror?  I know I couldn't.

Well now they have special cranes and a robotic arm to help in the search.  I just hope it's not too late...

Shame on you!

To be continued...


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Serene Saturday!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I must admit, I'm somewhat serene today.  We just came back from a fabulous mini-vacation in the Falls (one of my favorite places to be).  While there, my celiac wasn't too bad except for the headaches (one of my symptoms) which can last for days.  I just had to wait it out.  Much better today so far.

The trips to the Falls have become a family tradition with us.  When we just want a quick getaway we usually end up there.  For years we've been visiting the wineries, eating at the outdoor cafes, walking along River Street and just having a blast!  The weather was warm and I went swimming in the hotel pool (which I haven't done since our trip to the Dominican Republic).  Well I sort of swam in Capri last year but the bottom was too rocky.  Not enjoyable. Sat in the hot tub and sunbathed on the deck attached to the pool.  Sheer heaven.  I've always been a water baby.  Hubby and I both share our love of the water.  The kid too I think was born with "fins".  I'm not a strong swimmer and prefer underwater where I can hold my breath for quite a long time.  Something I practised as a kid. I get lost in my own world and only come up for air when I have to.

Niagara Falls is steeped in history and while we were walking around I tried to picture what it would have been like when the war of 1812 was going on.  Oh did I tell you that I love history?  Well I do and I'm a bit of a geek in that respect.  So what was on last night on the history channel?  A special about the war of 1812.   Mmmm....

Anyway here are some pics from our trip:

Me & hubby at the hotel


Dinner a the Keg

Taken from our hotel room

Hope you liked the pics.

Now today I'm a bit slow getting started but want to catch you up on some deals from last week.

The kid and I went to some local garage sales and for peanuts I was able to pick up some beautiful artificial plants for the patio.  I love a lot of greenery in and outside the house.  The trick is to mix artificial with real.  No one will know the difference but you.  The fuller the better.  So the plants I got were originally from "Homesense" one of my favorite stores and still had the price tags on them.  What a difference they make when scattered around the patio.

We also went to a sale in the neighbourhood that had some Milano glass for sale from Italy.  I purchased 2 urn-shaped green vases in the "classico" design that for now are sitting on our diningroom table.  The family having the sale was moving so everything was dirt cheap.  I also bought a pottery serving dish with a grape motif that we have going on thoughout our house.  Sat it on the coffee table outside.  Very nice.  What a difference when these items were added and cost basically nothing.

Decorating on the cheap is possible.  You just have to explore other options than buying retail.

Search garage sales, moving sales, thrift shops, consignment shops and even tell your friends and family what you are looking for.  Who knows?  They may know where to find it.

Good luck on your treasure hunting.

Now I want to just share a few pics I love:

Until later...


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Sunday

Sunday, June 17, 2012

To all you dads out there I want to wish you all a Happy Father's Day!  Remember not all dads are birth dads.  I love my father dearly because even though he didn't raise me, he's my blood.  There  is a bond there and though he is no longer here he is always in my thoughts.

I was raised by my aunt and uncle from the time I was four years old.  Uncle Bert taught me how to hold a knife & fork, tie my shoes, ride a bicycle, take me to the dentist, say please and thank-you and the list goes on.  He was my father figure and I adored him and although I didn't always agree with him I certainly appreciate the childhood he gave me. He gave me a strong foundation that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

I feel very strongly that it's the people that raise you that are your "parents".  The ones that take care of you when you are sick, wipe your tears and tell you bedtime stories until you fall asleep.

I am forever grateful to you Uncle Bert and miss you so much.  Both my "fathers" have passed on but will forever be in my memories.

My Father in the fifties with my sister Irene

Unfortunately, I haven't a pic of Uncle Bert saved in my photo gallery but will do so in the near future.

Now I must mention my hubby that has raised my daughter since she was nine years old and thinks of her as his own.  He's a fabulous dad. I wish more men had the qualities that he possesses.  He's one of a kind.  Love ya!

Hubby, me and the kid

Now last but not least, the boy.  He's a new dad with a daunting task of raising his daughter which he has put his heart and soul into.  Not easy to do when his health is not at it's best.

Nat and her dad, the boy

I know a lot of great dads out there, some are friends and some are co-workers.  You are doing a great job and you deserve a pat on the back.  Keep it up!!!

Until later...


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garage Sale Saturday!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Well we're late getting started but hope to see a few neat things at a couple of garage sales in the neighbourhood.  the kid and I overslept but you never know the prices go down the later it gets in the day because people just want rid of the stuff.  What will I find today if anything?  We shall see.

Frankly, I'm just glad it's Saturday.  Even though last week was a short one for me it didn't seem that way.

Tonight we're off to "A Taste of Italy" on College so that should be fun.

Well I haven't made reservations for "Father's Day" because hubby can't make up his mind on where he would like to go.  Doubt I'll get anything this late so we may just have to wing

A couple of pics to show you taken yesterday of dear Nat:

Now for the "Deal of the Week"

Walmart has DVD players on for $19.00.  So of course we had to pick one up.  I'll let you know how it works.

Got to run as the kid is ready to head out.

Until later...


Friday, June 15, 2012

Finally Friday!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Well it's the end of the work week and finally Friday.  I must confess I cancelled my dental surgery yesterday for many reasons but I still have to address the open cavities in my mouth.  Oh well I'll do some research and way my options.  If I can save the teeth then that will be my choice.  A lot of dentists are too quick to "yank".  I'm trying to avoid that.

So last night hubby and I went for a nice meal and some wine at a local patio.  I love this weather and wish it was like this all year round.  I've been very fatigued for the last few days (as you probably know, one of the symptoms of Celiac).  Oh well.....forge ahead.

Tomorrow we are going to an Italian festival "Taste of Italy" (a yearly tradition in our house) and Sunday being Father's Day hubby gets treated to dinner.  We are going to a restaurant I've been dying to try so I'll post my review afterwards.

Next week we are going to the "Falls" so I only have to work Monday and Tuesday then on Wednesday we leave.  Looking forward to our little getaway (also a family tradition in our house).  We usually take in a winery and most definitely will be going to Niagara-on-the-Lake (one of my favorite spots).  If you go, try the "Pillar & Post" for lunch or dinner.  Very cozy and quaint.  You won't be disappointed.

Okay well I know this is a brief post but gotta run.


Hope everyone has a great weekend and t oall you fathers out there, a great Father's Day.  Although my dad has passed I still think about him every day.  I love you dad!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weary Wednesday!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Well it's back to work today after being off for 4 days straight.  I got into the habit of afternoon naps and late nights so today should be interesting.

Also, I'm having dental surgery tomorrow after work and not looking forward to it.  Apparently I'll be down for 3 days so Friday may be iffy.  A lot of pain and healing to look forward to.

Anyway, I saw on the news that there has been an outbreak of Legionairre's Disease in Edinburgh, Scotland (my maternal grandfather's birthplace).  Poor Scotland because a few years ago the same thing happened.  This year 16 people ended up in the hospital critical and one died. 
The air ducts in a city that old would probably not be in top shape.  Hopefully the outbreak has passed.  Edinburgh is a great city, rich in history and beauty and a place I want to visit one day.

  I remember when we had an outbreak here in North America in the '70's. They said it was a virus that spread through the air-conditioning ducts. Everyone was paranoid. A lot of people died from that outbreak.  Hopefully it doesn't come back here.

Now my friend is holding herself "acountable" so I am striving to do the same.  My research continues.

Stay tuned for my"deals of the week".


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Satisfied Sunday!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why satisfied you ask?  Well yesterday morning the kid and I went on a garage sale treasure hunt and treasure we found.  We went to the kid's area in Etobicoke where there were lots going on.

For example, at one house the kid got a Kurig coffee and expresso machine for $10.00, a stainless steel bread box for $2.00, a brand new set of large red wine glasses for $1.00 and a beautiful large framed print of the New York skyline at night for $2.00.

At the same house I bought a Maple Leafs pullover for the boy and a shirt for hubby - total $2.00.
Also, I got a gorgeous "Evenflo" hi-chair for FREE!!!

At another house I bought a beautiful plant for the patio for $10.00 and at another, a wine carafe and 2 porceline decanters for a total of $2.00.  Let's just say it was a productive morning.

After that we went to the kid's condo to do a few things including unload her "finds", then back to our place to get ready to go to an Irish wedding we were attending in Milton.  Thank goodness for our GPS.

Anyway, it was a beautiful outdoor wedding and I wish I had pics to share but unfortuately my camera died.  There were lots of "fasinators" and the kid wore a beautiful emerald green one with feathers she had bought earlier at Winners.

While I was at the reception I met an interesting and sweet couple who are getting married in October.  She informed me that she's on Pinterest (I really should get back on there)and is a crafter and will making a lot of the decorations for her upcoming wedding.  Must tell my blogger buddy.

Now on kind of a sour note, I've been struggling with a migraine since Friday afternoon.  Thankful that at least I have the next couple of days off to rest in between playing on my laptop, getting organized for our own garage sale and getting down to see my mom as she hasn't been doing too well lately and I'm more concerned than usual.  I've tried to reach her today but to no avail.  Mom turned 81 years young yesterday and we had planned to take her out today if she was up to it.  Not sure yet if that's going to happen.  Love you Mom!

So the migraine is getting the better of me so I'm off to lay down for a bit.

Will catch up with you later...


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Soaker Saturday!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Let's first go back to Thursday when my beautiful granddaughter made her debut at my workplace.  I was so proud to take her around the office and show her off.  Many of you have followed her pics on Facebook but to meet her in person is a whole different ball game.

She has the most striking blue eyes I have ever seen.  They captivate your attention and everyone remarked how beautiful they were.

Some pics taken that day:

Showing off her crawling skills

Nat and her mom

It was a fabulous day.  After visiting with me, Nat and her mom met hubby for lunch and some shopping.  She got to see the Disney store for the very first time.  Hubby said she was fascinated with everything in the store.

So yesterday, my FIL and his girlfriend arrived during a soaker Friday.  We went out to eat amidst a hurricane type rainstorm.  So far today it's taking a break this morning but by the look of the sky there just may be a "Soaker Saturday" on it's way.  Oh well so much for the patio plans.

My SIL is coming for dinner today to see her dad and hopefully we can BBQ the steaks.  We shall see...

On another note:

Now I must tell you that I have been searching for a diningroom cabinet for eons.  When I bought my new table and chairs I couldn't decide on a cabinet so didn't purchase one at the time.  I'm  only now seriously looking.

I've seen many but it has to be a particular style, colour and be the right size for the space (we have a small diningroom).  Oh and don't forget price!  I'll let you know when I finally find it.  The search continues.

Also, I need a dress for the wedding next week.  I'm cheap (did you know that)?  So I also have to find a bargain out there.  A friend advised me to check out Sears Warehouse but I'm also considering thrift stores (one man's trash is another man's treasure).

I'm thinking a cocktail style dress in a taupe or champagne color.  We shall see.  I'll keep you updated.  I already have the "fascinator".

I must also make mention that there were a group of ladies sitting next to us Thursday evening at our local hangout and guess what they were talking about?  Fascinators.  I'm telling you they are hot right now and getting hotter.  Winner's has also increased the volume and selection of the ones they carry.

Now for some beautiful pics I'd like to share:


Hat Fasinator

Venice Festival


Ciao for now everyone and have a great weekend!