Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Gluten-free Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yes I know I get off topic occasionally.  Ranting about issues that bother me greatly.  I have stated though that besides my blog being about Celiac disease and related topics, I also use this as a journal of sorts.  I do apologize if I get carried away...

Now on a lighter note.  I've been noticing more gluten-free products hitting the shelves.  Finally.

Loblaws now offers fluten-free baked goods (that aren't in the freezer section).  Grant it there are limited choices but at least it's a start.

I personally love the coconut cookies and the double chocalate muffins are tasty although very filling.  They also offer a banana loaf which I will try next even though I usually make my own.  there are also chocolate chip cookies but ever since I tried the Pillsbury dough ones nothing compares.  I've been spoiled (of course that was in my pre-gluten-free days before getting diagnosed).  this week these items are $1.00 off.  Still expensive but hopefully the prices will go down in the future.

There are also gluten-free restaurants popping up.  In particular, "Victoria's" which my sister-in-law told me about and will definitely try and then post the details of my visit on my blog.  Address and directions can be found online.

On another subject I must tell you how much I enjoyed "Les Miserables".  If you haven't seen it then you're missing out.  I believe it's the best movie I've ever seen.  Long but worth every second.  Not only were the actors superb but the music was fabulous as well.  Who knew Anne Hathaway had such a powerful voice?  The special effects were breath-taking and be prepared to cry (a lot).
Watch for Sacha Baron Cohen as the sleazy innkeeper married to Helena Bonham Carter. 

Another great movie is "Flight" where Denzel, as usual gave an outstanding performance.  Very real and gritty.  The movie centers on addicion and redemption.  Powerful stuff.  A must watch.

One of the funniest movies I've seen lately is "This is Forty".  Star-studded cast and again "very real" about the relationship between husband and wife.  Hilarious!  Make sure you watch the outakes at the end of the movie.  Also, John Lithgow (one of my favorite actors) is in the movie, a definite bonus.

Happy movie watching and have a fabulous although freezing day!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Serious Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I call this post "Serious Wednesday" because I want to touch on something that's near and dear to my heart.

Yesterday, I was watching BBC Canada World News which covers in depth international news which doesn't get a lot of coverage here in Canada.

If you've been following my blog you know I feel passionate about animal cruelty.  I've talked about illegal shark hunting that's going on to get their fins which in turn are sold to Chinese nationalists for their shark fin soup.  These poor fish are slaughtered by the thousands for "soup".  Sound ridiculous?  Well it's a profitable business.  The Asian market lures poverty-stricken fishermen to butcher these fish promising a huge payout.  They keep ther hands clean and take little risk.

I watched a documentary  showing the capture of sharks and how their fins are savagely chopped off while they are alive and then the carcass is kicked overboard.  Very humane don't you think?

Well it's not just sharks.

I watched coverage on the BBC Canada network on how ivory is still in great demand and once again the Chinese are paying huge amounts of money to poachers in Kenya and Nigeria for their "tusks".  The poachers just want to survive and do it for the money.  The lure of the dollar is too great to say no.  The ivory is used to make jewellery and carvings not food or other necessities of life.

Do you know how they get the tusks from the elephants?  They cut off the face in order to get them and leave the carcass to rot in the blazing heat.  Nice, eh?

It's time we held people accountable for their actions.  I use the term "people" loosely because these are not people but souless creatures with too much money to spend.

Of course nothing is done because China invests a lot of money in a lot of projects worldwide.  Heaven forbid we upset them. 

If I sound angry and upset well I am.  In society today we are so concerned about being "politically corrrect" and not "rocking the boat" because of the fear we may upset international relations that we have have lost all common sense. 

If nothing is done and we turn a blind eye, certain wildlife species will become extinct. 

Let's not lose "our souls" in the process.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tiring Thursday!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Well it's been a week since I last posted.  Still plan to continue with my childhood journey but at a later date.

I called this post "Tiring Thursday" because I've been quite fatigued lately.  I don't know if it's post holidays weariness or my Celiac.   I do know I need to keep going in order to accomplish what needs to be done.  Also, my mom is not well so I have to put myself on the back burner for now.

She is in the hospital which is where she needs to be right now.  I've been trying to convince her to go for the last couple of weeks.  She hates hospitals with a passion so I know this isn't easy for her.  I'll keep you updated on her progress.

I'm so over winter right now and looking forward to the warmer weather.  I really only love the snow at Christmas and that's it.  I hate the cold.  I miss my patio and tending to my garden.

The kid has a few days off so just waiting for her to get back from her errands and maybe go grab a bite to eat if she's up for it as she's been fighting the flu.

Me and the Kid

Ahh Rome!

My favorite city in Italy is definitely Rome but I am envious of relatives of ours that are going to Venice for the festival next month.  I loved Venice and celebrated my birthday there but my heart belongs to Rome.  Besides I can't make it to Venice or Rome this year as I'm saving for my trip to Ireland with a close friend of mine. If I could do both believe me I would in a heartbeat.

Venetians in Costume

So there you have it.  Ireland not Italy for 2013.  That's okay though because I want to see where my mother's family grew up and will not pass up the opportunity.  Next...Edinburgh, the birthplace of my grandfather.
Have a fabulous day everyone and unitl later...



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wind down Wednesday!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and were able to share it with family and friends.

Our holidays were hectic and I am only now starting to wind down now from all the caos.  Hence "Wind down Wednesday".  We had family, friends and neighbours dropping by on a regular basis over the last couple of weeks and I wouldn't have it any other way.  It was a great time all around.

Here are a couple of pics from Christmas Day where dinner was at our place:

The Boy with His Girl
Hubby with Nat
So I have a lot more pics to show you but my laptop is acting up as usual so I've just added these two.
It's now time to start cleaning up, organizing and preparing for the new year ahead but not today.
Today I am procrastinating.  I have all these "projects" to complete but I don't think today is the day.  Would rather post anyway...hehe.  Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle something.  We'll see.
Now for "Deals of the Week".  They are everywhere.  All you have to do is go to any mall. Like every year, the Boxing Day sales continue on well after Boxing Day so the stores can prepare for the arrival of their Spring merchandise.  Now is a good time to take advantage of the bargains out there. 
Hope everyone has a good week!
Until later...