Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things to Pick Up

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We went out today to pick up a new spice rack and a letter and key holder.  Well we did get the spice rack, the letter and key holder will come later.  Still redecorating.  Will take awhile but I can wait because I know the finished product will be worth it.  Hopefully, I can convince the hubby to paint the upstairs hallway this week.  We'll see.....

Looked at playpens today for my granddaughter that's due to arrive in this world in November.  Can't wait.  My first grandchild!  We need to get it before next Saturday for the shower........

Battling a minor migraine today but hopefully it will leave soon......

Tomorrow I'm baking for my mom to take down to her.  I haven't baked anything for her in awhile and the guilt is setting in.  The kid and I try to see her every second Sunday and we take her out for lunch.  It's a treat for her because she doesn't get out as much as I would like.

Here's another pic:

Here we are in the gondola in Venice

Bye for now
Thursday, September 22, 2011
Well it's Thursday and the day here is almost over.  Visiting a good friend tonite and so glad we have maintained a relationship over the years.  I love her dearly and always enjoy seeing her.  The kid and I will take pics over from the trip abroad and share some wine.  Ahhhhhh.................

My Hubby in Rome
Bye for now

Our Anniversary

Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Well today is our 15th wedding anniversary.  Wow!!! The hubby sent me a "huge" bouquet of flowers at work, all beautiful fall colours. I've never gotten a bouquet that size.  I'll leave some at work and take some home so I can enjoy in both places.

I can't believe it's been that long.  It seems like yesterday.  We were married at the Imperial Palace Chapel in Las Vegas early in the morning.  Hubby's best friend cried more than we did.  I still don't know if he was crying because he was all choked up or that he might be losing his best friend.....hehe.  It was a scorcher day and I wore my aunt's wedding dress from 1954, very cool.  It was my first time in Vegas and I was in awe of the place.  A few months later I won a trip there so we went twice in the same year.  Will be going again in April 2012 and I know it's changed a lot since we were there last.  Can't wait.
Anyway, the kid is taking us out tonite for dinner and we're getting our pics from Italy printed so we have the hard copies.

More pics to come............


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time for Pics

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well I'm going to try and add pics which is probably silly to everyone out there that does this all the time but remember I'm a novice at this.

Thank God for Anna my mentor.  She's the one that encourages and helps me when I get stuck.

                                         When we arrived in Rome.

Me and the Kid

           Inside Vatican City                             
More pics to come.......

Didn't Get a Chance

 Scuba Diving Monday, Sept. 19/11

Okay I know.  I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.  The house was topsy-turvy what with painting and everything.  Still managed to get a nice "sleep" in there though.

Slowly getting the house back in order although I want to paint everywhere now.  The main floor looks so clean and fresh.  I must admit we had left it too long.

So I'm not feeling bad today so far.  Pain is a daily thing with me because of the Celiac.  Some days worse than others.  Occassionally I wake up with no pain and worry that I've died or

As long as I stick to a gluten-free diet my attacks are not as often or as bad.  Since being diagnosed and changing my diet I have gained some weight and feel better overall.

Anyway, bye for now

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday,Sept. 17/11

Well I'm finally getting this blogging.  I need comments.  Please share your ideas with me.

I still have design, etc. to work with plus adding my photos.

I'm still in the learning process but I'm getting there.  When the "kid" moves and takes her laptop I'll be working from the main computer in the house. 

I want to get my own laptop and looking for a "deal".

Hubby is painting and I am waiting for a good friend of mine to take me out for a late birthday lunch and some catching up.  Plan to sleep zzzzzzzzz when I get back.

Bye for now


Friday, September 16, 2011

So after work we're going to buy paint.  Me, hubby & the kid.

When I took all the pictures down to have the flooring done I realized our walls needed help.

Paint will definitely spruce up the place before it gets too cold.  I do get to "escape" briefly to go to the dentist and also a friend is taking me out for a late birthday lunch.  Lucky me.  I hate the dentist...............

Anyway does anyone know if "spelt flour" is gulten-free?  I'm getting varying opinions depending on who I ask.

Apparently the brownies and other baked goodies at "Whole Foods" are made with spelt flour.  I would buy them but I need to know first.

Have a great weekend.

Travel Bug

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay so the trip has given me the "bug".  By that I mean "travel bug".  There are still many places I want to see.
Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Paris, Amsterdam, Edinburgh.  Oh and Venice again but in February during "Carnivale".  The hubby are are going away for a weekend in October to celebrate 15 years of bliss and in 2012 Las Vegas with friends so we''ll still be travelling,  just on a much smaller scale.

Of course now when I fly I will be more prepared so as not to die of boredom.  Bring lots to keep you busy.  Even if you don't do the crosswords or read that book you brought, you'll have an option.  Oh and for goodness sake bring "PLAYING CARDS".  When we were on the plane we saw people playing and I'd wish I'd brought a deck.  Live and learn or should I say travel and

Bye for now.....................

More Tidbits from Italy

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More tidbits from Italy.............

The shopping is fabulous.  Don't worry if you forget to pack a big hat for protection from the sun.  They are abundant everywhere in Italy and very cheap.  All the kiosks carry them both in the cities and the small towns.  The hubby and I wore fedoras (previously bought) and the kid wore a beautiful floppy bought in Toronto.

Different towns you visit have their speciality.  In Positano it's lemons.  I mean "lemons"  the size of grapefruits.  we brought back lemon-scented soaps, candles and potpourri. There was pottery decorated with lemons, lemon desserts and the best lemonade I've ever tasted.

In Venice (ah... Venice) it's "masks".  Masks like you've never seen.  I collect them so of course I wanted to buy all of them but that wouldn't be practical so I settled for a beautiful fridge magnet made of silver and Mirano glass and a keychain.  Besides I don't have the space for any more Venetian masks on my walls.

I will continue my tour tomorrow..................

Preparation for the Trip

Okay now please be patient because I'm a novice at this.

I wanted to set up my blog before we left for our trip.  By we I mean the hubby, the kid and me.

Italy is our destination of choice and we're all very excited.

The kid has a lot on her plate right now what with the trip and just purchasing her own home.  Also, we are having new flooring put in in the midst of packing, cleaning, dropping off Sam (our beautiful lab-border collie mix).

One more day at the office but lots of work to do at home.

I will post all the gory details of our crazy preparation for the trip, etc. and when I return, all the details of our vacation,  including as much information about the "gluten-free" availability in Italy.  I've been researching and they are far more knowledgeable about Celiac disease than we are here in North America.  I can't wait to eat bread that (apparently) tastes like real  bread and dishes that I can't normally have.

I'll gather all the infomation I can and post it on my blog.

Also, any ideas on how to make my trip easier would be greatly appreciated.

I'll keep you updated