Sunday, April 22, 2012

Serene Sunday!

Sunday, April 22, 1012

Well last night as you all know, the kid and I went to see "Riverdance" at the Sony Centre.  It was a special evening because this is their last tour.  I can't say enough about the show.  It was flawless.  The dancers were fabulous and the air was filled with the sound of fiddles, pea whistles and celtic drums.  Everytime I hear the pea whistle it reminds me of the Titanic theme song.  There's a haunting quality about it.  Anyway, the show ended with a standing ovation.  Well deserved.

My only complaint about the evening was not enough celtic wares available to purchase.  That surpised me. I thought the lobby would have tons of stuff like when I went to see "Medieval Times".   They had a lot of paraphenalia to choose from.  I have a celtic cross which my sister bought me years ago and I treasure it.  Also, I have a few pieces of celtic jewellery but I would have liked a celtic keepsake from the show.  Something other than the usual program, t-shirt or keychain.   

Before the show we went for dinner at "The Keg" on the Esplanade.  They have the best Filet Minon I've ever tasted and the kid who had never tried it, so had her first taste and loved it.  Needless to say,  other steaks, to me, pale in comparison.  These particulur ones came wrapped in the usual strip of bacon but flavoured with a medley of roasted apple and herbs. Too delicious to describe and gluten-free!!!

Me at "The Keg" last night pre "Riverdance"

The kid at The Keg" last night pre "Riverdance"

By the time we got home we were beat.  The kid slept over so today we went for our usual Sunday mother & daughter day breakfast with a little shopping after.  The kid is booking her Bahamas vacation this afternoon with one of her good friends and I'm excited for her.  I will be babysitting the cat....  

Well hubby should be home soon from his overnight trip up north to visit his dad and other family members.  I must confess I do miss him and will be glad when he gets home safe and sound later today. 

I'm off tomorrow so will being doing some more research on deals around the city so stay tuned...

Hope everyone has a great "rest of your weekend". Until later...


Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why fabulous?  Well I thought Tuesday was terrible but yesterday took the cake.  So off I go to work today loaded down with painkillers and the like.  It's fabulous Friday because I just have to get through today and don't return to work until Tuesday.  You see I think I've developed another cyst.  I'm prone to them and the pain is extruciating.  I just have to wait it out and hope it passes soon.  Like I don't have enough with the Celiac and Diverticulitis.  Oh well....

On a lighter note.  My sis sent me an awesome card yesterday which lifted my spirits.  She's one of the most thoughtful and caring people I know.  Very proud to call her my sister.  Love ya!

Also, I got a surprise from my the kid and hubby last night.  I'm going to "Riverdance" this weekend.  It doesn't get any better than that.  I'm very lucky to have them in my life.  Hopefully I'll feel okay but unless I'm on a gurney with an IV I will be there.  It's in my blood and in my soul. celtic roots.

So I'll post about the evening and the show.

Can't wait.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yes I've been procrastinating!

Yesterday was a horrible day.  It started out okay and ended okay but everything in between was crap.

It was a terrible Tuesday!

Well now that I've gotten that off my chest on to "Deal of the Week".

Instead of purchasing cleansing cloths and other toiletries at places like Shopper's Drug Mart, check out Winner's and HomeSense.  You'll be surprised at what you'll find.  Good quality items cheaper than most places. 

 I love the facial cleansing wipes.  Not only do they clean but are full of essential oils good for your skin.  I found usually expensive Olay (for mature skin) facial wipes a few dollars cheaper than I would pay at Shopper's and even Walmart.  I also picked up some European hand wash and always get my scented soaps there.  A lot of what they carry you won't see anywhere else and if you don't have a lot of money to spend but feel you need a little treat than Winner's and HomeSense are the places to go for toiletries.  What woman doesn't love toiletries?

Anyway, I'm still on the lookout for more deals and will be posting soon.

Time to hustle as I still have stuff to do before going to work.

Hope everyone has a great day and mine hopefully will be better than yesterday.


Monday, April 9, 2012

My Monday Off!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Well I hope everyone had a great Easter.  I know I did.  Great family, great food.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Here are some pics from Saturday:

Hubby's Sister


Mom and Natalie

The Boy with his Girl

So I have the day off and have a few things I need to accomplish today although I'm tempted to put them on hold and nap after I post. 

First I need to rant a bit.  While on Facebook this morning a dear friend of mine was promoting a new song by Chris Brown.  Well I feel he should be sharing a jail cell with Michael Vick.

Chris Brown for his cruelty to women (let's not forget the beating he gave Rianna) and Michael Vick for his cruelty to animals (remember the raid on his house)?  Why are these guys even walking around let alone making tons of money?  It makes no sense but then again a lot of things don't.

Some people forget too quickly.  Don't forget!!!

Now on another note, I'll be doing some much needed research for my "Deals of the Week" as well as fashion bargains.  Also, I'm trying to put together some info and pics on the family for my sister who's tracing our ancestry.  YAY!!!!!

Until later


Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday!

Friday, April 6, 2012

First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter long weekend.  Mine will be extra long as I booked off Monday as well...yay!!!!

Anyway, my last post was a reflective one.  As my blog is a combo of personal journal, chit chat, rants, and news about deals, gluten-free products, household and fashion tips, it will be a mishmash depending on the day and my mood.

Now for a great gluten-free cookie I have found - Lucy's oatmeal cookies available at Whole Foods.  I confess that so far I've only tried the oatmeal and they're fabulous.  Very addictive.  There are a few different kinds that I will be trying and reporting on.  Now they are expensive. A small box will cost you $6.00 and change but hopefully the price will go down as they gain popularity.  Don't forget to keep those receipts when you purchase gluten-free products because you can claim them on your tax return.

So I've been talking about ways to save money and I have an example.  The kid went to the "one-of-a-kind" show a couple of weekends ago and even though the stuff was unique and beautiful, it was expensive.  Needless to say she didn't buy much but while we were out shopping at the Bay she managed to get a beautiful "chunky" necklace (all the rage now) which would have been $200 - 300 at the "one-of-a-kind" show but cost her $50.00 at the Bay.

Heres's another pic of the kid in a poncho she purchased.  Updated from the old style of the '70's.

Okay this was a little pricey but handmade in a beautiful lilac colour.

Now for some pics from last weekend:

Waiting to eat at East Side Mario's

That's it for now but stay tuned, more to come....


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Thursday, April 5, 2012

This post is a reflective one.  I get in those moods now and then but this time it's because of a conversation I had with my sister last evening.  Also, the great pic she sent me and I shared with all of you on my last post.  You see this is my sister from my dad's second marriage to a fabulous woman who I loved dearly.

While I was talking to sis about tracing our family tree, I told her things she never knew about my life with our dad and my mom..

When I was four years old my parents finally split after a tumultuous relationship (to say the least).  There were three of us girls, me being the oldest.  I can remember back as far as two years old.  Anyway, around the time of the break-up I was to go spend Christmas with my aunt and uncle whom I adored.  My parents said it would only be for a few days and they would come to pick me up.

That never happened.  My aunt and uncle didn't know how to tell me that they wouldn't be coming so I would wait by the front door every night until I'd fall asleep on the floor.  After awhile my aunt and uncle finally sat me down and said they wouldn't be coming for me and that I was going to live there.  Of course at that age I really didn't understand what was best for me just that I wanted to be with them.

With time I settled in and they became my "parents".  I always envied my younger sisters though because they got to stay with my mom and didn't have to grow up explaining why they lived with their aunt and uncle.

I wanted to change my last name to theirs but they wouldn't let me.  I just thought that I'd feel more like I belonged if I shared their name.  They asked why on earth would I want to do that when I had my own last name.

Some weekends and weeks in the summer I would stay with my mom, grandsparents and sisters in the city.  I loved it because it was like I had two different lives.  Different friends, different surroundings but I didn't really feel like I belonged there either.

It was years later that I knew I in order to have that feeling of belonging I had to create a family of my own.  I'm glad I did because finally I had a place where I belonged.  My children were a blessing to me.  That coupled with the wonderful husband I have, I'm very lucky.

There's a lot more to this journey of mine but that would take up a whole book.  So I'll post here and there just to share special moments and reflect on the past.

My wonderful sister, her husband and son

More to come on a later post...